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Open-Source software development

This is an image viewer, specialized to 3D and 4D CT images and image registration evaluation. Very simple and fast.

A Monte-Carlo simulation software simulations for medical physics, in particular preclinical and clinical images in emission tomography, transmission tomography and Radiation Therapy (RT). I am the initiator the extension of Gate to the RT domain. 

The GateLab is an end-user application allowing researchers to easily execute GATE on a computing grid (EGEE). It consists of a web server based on Moteur and of a Java client using VBrowser as GUI for the logic catalog (LFC) of the EGEE grid.

Work in progress. Do not use it (.... yet) !
SYD is a command line environnement and a C++ toolkit to perform image processing tasks on a database of medical images. It is initially developed to manage SPECT/CT images and perform tasks such as computing activity or integrated activity in various ROIs, in the field of Target Radionuclide Therapy and nuclear medicine.

… and Open Data

We believe research on deformable image registration (DIR) of the lungs will greatly benefit from making image and validation data publicly available. Several 4D CT data sets, acquired at the Léon Bérard Cancer Center, can be downloaded here for use in your research. Along with the images, we provide large sets of manually identified landmarks, allowing you to validate your motion estimation.

Lymph stations
We provide the dataset that have been used in the publication [Sarrut 2014, Lynch 2013, Pitson 2012]. This dataset consists on thoracic CT images of five lung cancer patients on which three experts (RL, LC, GP) consensually delineated lymph nodes stations 1 to 11, following the new IASLC stations definition [Rusch et al 2009]. Several anatomical structures (such as Aorta, vessels etc) are also available.